Department Of Orthopaedics

The department of Orthopaedics at Aashlok Hospital- the best orthopaedics hospital in Delhi provides a spectrum of services. The department is known for its excellence in joint replacement surgeries including hip as well as knee joint replacement. Located in the centre of the city, Aashlok Hospital attracts patients from all around Delhi as well as neighbouring cities such as Gurgaon and Noida. The efficiency of the orthopaedics department in handling all kinds of primary or complex knee & hip surgery is what makes it the best orthopaedics hospital in Delhi. To ensure speedy recovery from surgeries, enhanced recovery pathways are used. The team of this department comprises the best joint replacement surgeons in Delhi. Each year this orthopaedics hospital in Delhi treats hundreds of patients of sports-related injuries as well. Other than that, the department of this orthopaedics hospital in Delhi deals with cases of trauma including pelvic-acetabular injuries. The best joint replacement surgeons in Delhi of this department also manage cases of sprains, dislocations, lower back pain, ruptured discs, knock knees and much more. This department is one of the most active departments at Aashlok Hospital- the best orthopaedics hospital in Delhi and provides long-termed promise and commitment to its patients through physiotherapy, rehabilitation as well as vocational therapy.

Tests, Treatments and Procedures offered

  • Amputation

  • Arthroscopic surgeries

  • Bunionectomy and hammer toe repair.

  • Cartilage repair or resurfacing procedures.

  • Cartilage surgery to knee.

  • Fracture care.

  • Arthroplasty.

  • Ligament reconstructions.

  • Repair of torn ligaments and tendons

  • Minimally invasive surgery

  • Advanced external fixation

  • Use of bone graft substitutes and bone-fusing protein

Due to the availability of various treatments and the latest techniques, the Aashlok hospital is recognized as the best orthopaedic hospital in South Delhi. There are Various New procedures available at the orthopaedic unit of the hospital, which are discussed below:

  • 1. Amputation: Aashlok Hospital offers sophisticated amputation treatments for the removal of a sick or damaged body part.
  • 2. Arthroscopic procedures: With time, joint problems have become more frequent. The treatment of joint disorders is included in arthroscopy. This is a minor surgery in which an orthopaedic surgeon addresses the inflammation of joint damage of the affected joint.
  • 3. Hammertoe repair and bunionectomy: A bunion is a malformation of the big toe and is caused by aberrant joint development. The deformity is addressed by bunionectomy surgery. Hammertoe is a very frequent condition caused by uneven and aberrant development of muscle tendons and ligaments around the toe. An orthopaedic surgeon at Aashlok Hospital can effectively treat this condition.
  • 4. Cartilage resurfacing or repair treatments: A sports injury or a disease such as osteochondritis can cause cartilage damage. Cartilage repair or resurface surgery includes filling the cartilage with repair tissue to mend it.
  • 5. Knee cartilage surgery: The knee joint is made up of cartilage, and any damage or injury to the cartilage needs prompt treatment and surgery to repair it. Aashlok is the best orthopaedic hospital in South Delhi for highly sophisticated knee cartilage surgery. The orthopaedic surgeon performs the surgery to restore knee function and reduce discomfort.
  • 6. Fracture treatment: Generally, Fracture is a break in a bone. Treatment for all sorts of fractures is provided in the hospital's orthopaedic department, which is led by the best orthopaedic surgeon in New Delhi. Fractures are detected using advanced X-ray equipment, and then the treatment is administered.
  • 7.Arthroplasty: Joint stiffness is a very common problem that arises with advancing age. This causes intense pain and difficulty in walking. Arthroplasty aims at the reconstruction of joints to ease the pain and restore function.
  • 8. Reconstruction of ligaments: In severely damaged ligaments, ligament reconstruction surgery is suggested to restore function and treat the condition. The operation is sophisticated and necessitates the use of a skilled surgeon and cutting-edge technology.
  • 9. Repair of sprains and strains of ligaments and tendons: The orthopaedic department at Aashlok Hospital offers extensive treatment for the restoration and repair of torn or damaged comments and tendons. These tendons create severe difficulties and impede movement if not addressed on time.
  • 10.Extensive external fixation: In most cases, advanced external fixation surgery stabilizes an unstable pelvic region. Instability can be induced by an injury or by any other factor. These procedures are often carried out with the assistance of X-rays and modern technology.
  • 11. Bone graft replacements and bone-fusing protein are used: The orthopaedic surgeons at the Aashlok hospital are actively involved in research. Moreover, we also utilize sophisticated bone grafts for bone replacement and bone-fusing protein to treat various disorders and conditions.

Why should you choose us for orthopaedic treatments?

The following are some of the most popular reasons why you should select Aashlok, the best orthopaedic hospital in Delhi, for your treatment:

  • All of Aashlok Hospital's patients receive thorough and cost-effective care.
  • For treatment, the Aashlok hospital's orthopaedic department exclusively uses cutting-edge technology and FDA-approved equipment. This guarantees that the treatment is of high quality.
  • The doctors have extensive training and experience, and they are actively involved in research. Dr. Abhishek Mishra, one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in Delhi, leads the orthopaedic department. He exclusively provides his patients with the best treatment and aftercare.
  • The staff is highly professional and provides consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you.

What sets us apart from other hospitals is our utilization of cutting-edge therapeutic approaches and the top surgical procedures.

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